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Your unique opportunity deserves a customized solution…

FarmBlue Ventures helps you close the gap between idea and execution by using consultants, interns, investments, leadership training, and whatever else it takes to give you the customized solution your unique situation deserves.  In other words, we build the perfect engagement for your perfect opportunity.

Launch Your New Venture  

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”   -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Today is your founder’s day.  Today is the day you should put wind behind the idea you’ve been thinking about for days, weeks, months, years, decades…  All you need to do is choose to move forward.  FarmBlue Ventures works with people just like you.  You may have zero experience starting a company or you may be a “serial entrepreneur” who’s had a significant amount of experience starting companies – we work with individuals in both extremes (and all of you in between).

The “how” behind how FarmBlue Ventures works is as unique and customized as your idea.  You may need help refining your idea – FarmBlue Ventures will help with that.  You may need help developing words to express your exceptional idea – FarmBlue Ventures will help with that.  You may need a crash course in launching a new business – FarmBlue Ventures will help with that as well.  We’ve developed a deep network of entrepreneurs, service providers and advisors who can help you meet your start-up needs. 

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Advance Your Existing Business

“If you are not growing, you are dying”   -James Ray

IT IS POSSIBLE to have more time and money, and enjoy running your business at the same time.  We’ve worked with over 80 companies since 2006, helping entrepreneurs like you create businesses that work for you (i.e. make you more money, save you more time, bring you more enjoyment, etc.).  The question we have for you at FarmBlue Ventures is, “When do you want to start advancing your business?”   We believe the time is now.

The process of business improvement is simple, but not always easy.  We’ll sit down with you and determine exactly what you want to accomplish in your business.  Together, we will create a plan to help move your business from its current state towards your desired outcome.  The great thing is at FarmBlue Ventures we have options to work with anyone who is passionate about seeing change in their organization, in spite of the resources you may or may not currently have available (money, time, team, etc.).  

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Multiply Your Divisions or Business

“If you can run one business well, you can run any business well.”   -Richard Branson

Congratulations!  You’ve made it to a destination that few business owners have reached.  You have created a profitable business that runs with or without you.  At FarmBlue Ventures, we have helped numerous businesses reach this milestone.  At this point, you have many exceptional options in front of you.  Do you launch a new line of business?   Do you launch a 2nd, 3rd or 4th location?  Do you franchise your business?  Do you buy/start another business?   At this point, you have maxed out your current business as it’s designed and you need to take a bigger step towards the continual growing of your success (and to keep work challenging / interesting).

FarmBlue Ventures will help you clearly articulate the core expertise you’ve developed in your business and walk you through a process to determine how to multiply the results/expertise in your core business with the least amount of effort and risk.  Essentially we’ll help you “GO PRO” in the next stage in your development as an entrepreneur.  This is an extremely exciting place for you to be and we look forward to working with you through this process. 

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We’ve worked with over 80 organizations “1 -on-1” since 2006 helping them improve all of the major areas of their organization.  During that time, over 800+ business owners/professionals have attended our workshops and leadership training throughout the state of North Carolina.  We’ve worked primarily to increase profitability, reclaim time and improve teams within these businesses.  Below is a select list of the types of businesses we’ve worked with:

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Bail Bonds
Boat/Yacht Installations
Bookkeeping Firm
Branding/Consulting Firm
Business Broker
Cleaning Company
Community Calendar
Community College
Daycare Center
Disaster Recovery
Eco-friendly Retailer
Exercise Equipment
Financial Planner
Fitness Studio
Food Delivery Company
Health Care Non-profit
Heating & Air Company
High-end Restaurant
Insurance Agent
Interior Designer
International Non-profit
Internet Health Start-up
IT Consulting
Land Management
Landscape Designer
Law Firm
Mail & Packaging Store
Massage Therapy
Moving Company
Network Marketing Team
Real Estate Developer
Real Estate Sales
Regional Magazine
Solar Plant Start-up
Tech Start Up
Test Prep Company
Tutoring Company
Video Production Firm
Garage Door repair
General Contractor
Graphic Designer
Hair Saloon
Online Education
Plumbing Company
Promotional Products
Quick Service Restaurant